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Mechanical Design & Application Engineer

San Diego, CA 92117

Posted: 10/04/2023 Job Number: 20615224

Job Description

Our company designs and produces products that measure mechanical parameters and provide electrical analog and digital output signals, the successful Mechanical Design & Application Engineer will typically require a multidisciplinary (mechatronics) approach. Such an approach will involve a combination of mechanical design and support, as well as some aptitude for issues specific to the electrical interfaces of sensors and instrumentation, such as digital communication protocols (e.G., CAN), and data acquisition systems. Typical design tasks involve the design of sensor housings, mechanical enclosures, laboratory testing machines, fixturing, electrical interfaces, junction boxes, and customized test setups. Additional tasks include conducting experiments and validation testing, interacting with suppliers, liaising with clients, and carrying out internal mechanical engineering projects to support manufacturing and calibration of the product line. Client support tasks, which constitute a sizable portion of this job, include leading vehicle installation integration and packaging studies, ensuring compatibility of client requirements with our specifications, regular correspondence regarding mechanical hardware, electrical hardware, digital communication interfaces, and field support. Field support tasks include attending track tests, dyno tests, racing events, or flight tests as appropriate to assist our clients in best installing and utilizing our systems in service, analyzing data, as well as direct involvement in failure investigation, analysis, and documentation. Our mechanical engineers have the opportunity to apply their varied skills and to be intimately involved in several aspects of the engineering product cycle: design engineering and CAD, application engineering and product integration, manufacturing engineering, experimental testing and calibration, continuous client support, and field support including failure analysis. The tasks a Mechanical Design & Application Engineer will be responsible for carrying out are listed below.

Sample ClientFacing Tasks:
  • Design and integrate torque sensor solutions into customer installations for various automotive, racing, aerospace, and energy applications. Operating environments in these installations typically involve significant thermal, vibrational, and/or electromagnetic interference challenges.
  • Carry a product from packaging integration to final testing and release for production including both the product itself and associated test fixturing.
  • Manage motorsport application engineering projects in Formula 1, WEC, Formula E, IMSA and other series with a view to proper installation, product quality tracking and improvement, data evaluation, continuous client support, and failure tracking.
  • Work regularly with clients to answer questions, agree on interface requirements, explain proper usage, identify potential integration issues, and provide any technical support needed.
  • Coordinate project progress, interfacing regularly with vendors to ensure timely delivery of components and compliance with drawings, and interacting directly with clients to agree on installation and usage.
  • Conduct initial bench testing, carry out invehicle validation, and support the product in the field and through continuous communication with the client.
  • Investigate and document failures that occur in the field including root cause analysis and compilation of results, ultimately capturing root causes in detail by drafting and completing detailed failure reports.
  • Support the company product line in the field including attending dyno tests, racecar track tests, or helicopter flight tests at client sites across the globe, frequently including locations in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Sample Internally Facing Tasks:
  • Continuously assist in generating and updating application notes and operating guidelines, logistical documentation, and inhouse manufacturing & assembly documentation.
  • Develop and document test plans, procedures, and best practices for use in production processes and/or to capture the intent of upcoming research and development testing.
  • Conduct inspections on third party vendor deliverables and returned client parts and communicate any required action to the relevant groups within our company.
  • Work with other company departments and/or outside failure analysis laboratories as appropriate to help identify root causes of failures and take remedial actions whether they be designrelated, manufacturingrelated, or both.
  • Design and implement new test fixtures, test platforms, junction boxes, and enclosures for test and production equipment related to torque sensor system validation and testing.
  • Analyze data and results from internal production processes and internal R&D tests.
  • Assist in maintaining and upgrading infrastructure currently used during sensor processing, testing, and calibration.
  • Continuously provide support as needed to the company manufacturing team across sensor assembly and calibration process functions.
  • Validate internally generated product and process data during calibration to streamline production.

For this position, our company offers very competitive compensation including competitive base salary ranging from $90, 000 $110, 000 depending on the candidate's credentials and experience level, a yearly performancebased bonus, yearly merit salary raise, 3 weeks of paid vacation, and 10 paid holidays per year. Benefits include medical, dental, workers'compensation, disability, and life insurance as well as a 401K program with matching and a profitsharing program. The Company works hard to allow employees the greatest possible personal flexibility while achieving our engineering and business objectives. The position requires mostly inperson attendance with some ability to occasionally work remotely as appropriate.

Job Qualifications
A bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or aerospace engineering is required for this position. A concentration in mechatronics, control systems, or sensors and actuators is preferred. At least four years of professional engineering experience are preferred;only outstanding applicants with less experience will be seriously considered. Experience with CAD and engineering drawing standards is required. In general, being comfortable with both mechanical aspects / packaging design, and having some familiarity with the electrical and software aspects of embedded systems, is very important.

The Type of Person We Are Looking For
We are looking for selfmotivated and committed engineers who have the ability to learn quickly and possess outstanding interpersonal and technical skills. Our approach to engineering is highly interdisciplinary and involves a unique combination of theory and execution. We are also looking for engineers who are flexible by nature and are comfortable "wearing a lot of hats”including design and CAD, product engineering, process engineering, testing and calibration, and field support. Application engineers contribute to several aspects of the product cycle across a broad range of relevant technical disciplines, all the way from designing the product, securing the associated manufacturing fixturing and processes, to actual field support and servicing of the product in the field. We are looking for individuals who are highly motivated and flexible, can fulfill multiple roles, and can work effectively even with limited supervision, while at the same time thriving in a dynamic multidisciplinary team environment. Successful candidates will have the ability to communicate effectively and interact positively and with clients, vendors, and colleagues from all over the world.

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